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Websites with Internet Spokesmodels have seen conversion rates as high as 78%
Internet Spokesmodels - Walk on Video - What's it all about?

I'm sure you've visited a site that seemed boring... only to find a person suddenly coming out of nowhere, who speaks directly to you! A Walk On Video "floats" on the surface of your web page and they talk to you.


Enter your web address below, and see a live demonstration of a Spokesmodel right on YOUR Website!
Point out Features of the Site

Drive Attention to Special Offers

Make Important Announcements

Add Compelling Video Messages
Here's some of the things Walk on Videos can do for you:
Increase Retention

Increase Revenues

Help or Aid Users

Encourage User Participation
Walk on Video is just another way of saying Internet Spokesmodel.  When you see a person walking out that appears to be talking just to you. It adds a feeling of community to your webpage.  After talking to a current customer, they told me of a colleague that wanted to have each of his management staff do their own so when a customer visited his business they would identify with the manager as they walked though the door.

Walk on Video is great in Testimonials.   It adds an emotional value and has a greater impact on the viewer then written text.

A Spokes Guide or Video Guide,  walks you though the sites key pages and finishes on a call to action like filling out a form or prompting them to call or clicking on a buy it now button. By explaining the features and benefits of key pages customers are more likely to have a question or want to know more.

You can use Spokes Models to promote a Video Email.  There is no such thing as putting a video in an email but you can link a picture with a call to action to target a select group and direct it to a walk on video

Here is an example:  Paste the image in an email and embed a link.
Click on the picture as though it was in the email and see what happens.

These were just a few examples of a Walk on Video